So You’re Gonna Bugout To Your “Retreat” Huh?

So You’re Gonna Bugout To Your “Retreat” Huh?

Most Preppers and Survivalists who have a “Vacation” property, whether it is a building or just a campsite, have it in an area they would like to be able to “Bugout” to during a bad situation. A lot of those types have stored additional supplies at that location for those bad times, and think the only issue they would have might be getting out of the city they live in, or maybe bad guys on the road.

While watching coverage of the many issues with different levels of Quarantine that have been implemented around the country and the world, I have noticed a disturbing trend that is taking hold in many locations. This is in regards to people that are not year round residents, but own property in other locations.

This trend has locals, whether Government or civilian, telling someone that actually owns property in their State or County (and pays the taxes on it) that they shouldn’t or can’t come to their property, and if they do get there, they are going to be restrictions on their movement.

While I understand some restriction on “Out of Staters”, to a point, my first question is, “Are the same restrictions being put on the locals?”. Below is a situation that happened on a an island off the coast of Maine.

Quarantine Post03

“A man residing on Cripple Creek Road in Vinalhaven, an island off the coast of Maine, called authorities around 3:35 p.m. Friday to report a group of people with guns had cut down a large tree and dragged it in front of his driveway, blocking access to the main road.

The man said he left his house to check his property when he noticed the cable went out. The unidentified man said he retreated to his home and hailed the Coast Guard for help using a VHF radio after a neighbor began yelling at him to get indoors and remain quarantined.”

Well, I guess he at least made it to his property before the locals decided to take matters into their own hands, huh? There are other examples, like in Cherokee County NC, requiring “Part-timers” to bring enough supplies for a 14 day “self quarantine”. My second question is, Does the County require this of all it’s residents who are coming back into the State?”.

Quarantine Post01

 WKRK· April 3

If you have a property elsewhere, are you even going to be able to “Bugout” to it when things get serious? What about checkpoints? They have them in a number of places for the Quarantine, one of them being Florida. Pictured below is a checkpoint on I-10 in Florida.
Quarantine Post02
What are they checking for? “Proof of Residency”? What’s the temperature of everyone in the car? Are you carrying any firearms?  See where this can go? This post isn’t about the “Right” or “Wrong” of what the Federal and State governments are doing to “Fight COVID-19”. This is about understanding some of the hurdles you might face down the road during a “Bugout” if your plans include going to a “Retreat” in another State.
Below I’ve posted some links and headlines showing what States are doing to stop “Outsiders” from coming to their State.

Quarantine Post04

Quarantine Post05

Quarantine Post06

What is the answer for the Prepper or Survivalist? There are three things that I see that helps to mitigate the problems shown above. First, it is better to be a week too early than a minute too late. If the guy on the island in Maine had gotten to his home a week or two earlier, would the issues with the locals have come up? If so, would they have been as bad? We’ll never know, but I’d say the possibilities would have been less.

The second recommendation to mitigate some of these issues would be where you buy your “Vacation” property in the first place. If you have a bunch of “Busybody” neighbors that see you arrive and that you are staying at your property, that can be a real issue. As has been shown many times over the years, many Americans can’t mind their own Damned business, and this is just an “In your face” example of it.

Here’s the third recommendation I’d give, in regards the checkpoints. Most destinations have multiple routes from point “A” to point “B”. Having those points mapped out and noted on a real map can be the difference between getting where you want to go, and being turned around or stuck in traffic. Knowing where you can unobtrusively cross a State line, on a logging road for instance, could make or break your escape from a “Hot Zone”.

My final recommendation is to be able to “Hoof It” if necessary. Have gear and supplies pre-positioned at the retreat property, and be able to leave your vehicle behind and carry some supplies on your back that will hold you over till you get to your property. Make sure you have paper maps, and use your GPS as a reference to those maps. Counting on things like cell phones and hand carried GPS is a recipe for disaster when your life is on the line.

Just some thoughts that have been bothering me over the last couple weeks that I thought I’d share. If you have some other ideas, I’d love to hear them.


"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.
“Adapting To Survive”: Firearms-Part 3, Advantage Arms-Glock .22LR Conversion Kits

“Adapting To Survive”: Firearms-Part 3, Advantage Arms-Glock .22LR Conversion Kits

Adapters Post20

I put both my adapters in the same box with the extra mags and cleaning kit.

The ability to use another cartridge in a firearms is a huge advantage. For that second cartridge to be cheaper for training and better suited for things like hunting small game, well, that makes it a practical necessity. For the Survivalist, acquiring tools that performs multiple functions well (Not just “making do”) is not only efficient in terms of space savings and costs, but also practical for field use.

Well over a decade ago, I bought Advantage Arms .22LR kits for my Glock 21 and Glock 30, .45 Automatics. After using them for years and putting well over a thousand rounds through each of them, I can tell you they are one of the best investments I’ve made.


Having used a number of brands and types of ammo through my kits, the only ones that will not reliably cycle are the CB Long type. These are not designed to cycle the action and are used for quiet small game hunting. I don’t use the hyper velocity ammo like “Stingers” due to Advantage Arms warning.

I have used, not only the CCI Mini-Mags that they recommend, but the bulk pack solids and hollow points that they say might not perform well (they don’t recommend them, so make your own decision to use or not use that type of ammo). After about 200 rounds of break-in with the CCI Mini-Mags, the bulk pack ammo functions fine.


Adapters Post02

Gen 3 Glock 21 with Advantage Arms adapter kit. 10 shots at 25 yards.

On both the Glock 21 and the Glock 30, the average group sizes at 25 yards are approximately 2.5-3″ with Federal bulk pack ammo. both kits/pistols definitely shoot “Minute of Squirrel” and have actually taken small game in the past. Another thing these kits will do is point out issues you might have with things like your trigger pull and sight alignment. You are using the same grip, trigger and sights (they come with factory Glock sights and can be replaced with other Glock aftermarket sights) as you normally would with your regular slide and ammo.

Adapters Post01

Gen 2 Glock 30 with Advantage Arms adapter kit. Average group of 10 rounds at 25 yards.


These slides weigh about half of what the normal slide weighs. The slides are compact enough to fit in an M16 mag pouch with a mag when the kit is not in use. The slides are identical in size to the original pistol’s slide, so they fit in the holsters you already have and use for your pistol.

If you are looking for the most compact and accurate small game-getter you can keep in your bug out or get home bag, and your carry gun is a Glock, XD, or 1911 full size or compact pistol, you should look into Advantage Arms .22LR pistol adapters. If you are looking for a good training tool to practice with your carry gun, you should look into Advantage Arms .22LR pistol adapters.

They are reliable, accurate and versatile and could be a huge help for your practical Survivalist needs. Give ’em a call, you’ll be glad you did.


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A Chilling Scenario and Some Valid Questions

A Chilling Scenario and Some Valid Questions

So here’s the scenario and a few questions. Your neighborhood is quarantined and has been for two weeks. Some guys in Hazmat suits show up and start down your street in a couple humvees along with what appears to be an escort of 4 armed soldiers in MOPP4 protective gear.


They start at your neighbor’s house across the street and have everyone in that household take, what appears to be, some type of mouth swab test. A young adult male (your neighbor’s adult Son) apparently tests positive and a Hazmat suit tells two soldiers to take him to the waiting military bus. The Dad asks where they are taking his Son and “Hazmat” says, “To the Medical Camp for observation.” but will give no more information when asked again.

The boy struggles and a soldier buttstrokes him with a rifle, knocking him out. The Dad pulls out a pistol and starts by shooting the soldier who grabbed his boy, then he pops the less than helpful, “Hazmat”. Another soldier drops Dad with two shots to the chest. Knowing they are coming to your house once they get through the other three in the cul de sac, and your Wife has been under the weather for two days, what do you do?

  1. Do you wait till they get there, and let them take your Wife away if she tests positive? They are there to “Help”…..right?
  2. Do you try to rush her out the back door to safety, and hope they don’t notice, or worse yet, have a contingent of soldiers waiting for just that kind of action behind your homes? Do you have children or others you are responsible for in the home? Have you already scouted out and planned a concealed way to get away from your house undetected?
  3. Do you go on the offensive by yourself and ambush the group which has shown hostility and used deadly force against a neighbor? Do you have firearms skills and the training to use them in a tactical environment?
  4. Do you get in your vehicle and try to force your way out of the neighborhood? Do you know how to use your vehicle as a “battering ram” without dead-lining it right after you perform the task?
  5. Do you get on your radio (Cell service and internet went dead about an hour before the “Hazmats” showed up) and call some Buddies, in another part of the development, for help? Do you have alternative communications for WHEN the cell and internet is interrupted and an accompanying commo plan with like-minded, tactically proficient, FRIENDS in proximity to where you live?

Can the above scenario happen? Sure can. Will it happen in the non permissive environment which we could be quickly approaching? No clue, but I sure hope not. What I do know is this, government stooges, especially bureaucrats, tend to get heavy handed when they are tasked with a job and given too much unchecked, authority and “broad brush”, autonomy.

What would I do? First I would have done what you’re doing right now and “War gamed” it before I ever had to do it for real. Second, it would depend on exactly what happened across the street, because details in a deadly force encounter matter. Third, I’d take into account everyone I am responsible for in the situation. Fourth, I’d assess the threat and what it’s perceived capabilities are. Fifth and finally, No one is separating my family in a situation like we could be headed into. What would I do? None of your business. You are not me, and I am not you. Figure it out, that’s what this post is about.


“Parata Vivere”-Live Prepared.


“Adapting To Survive”: Firearms-Part 2, The AR-15 to .22LR Conversion Kit

“Adapting To Survive”: Firearms-Part 2, The AR-15 to .22LR Conversion Kit

One of two primary reasons for having an adapter for a cartridge firearm to fire another cartridge is economy of funds. The second, as I see it, is economy of meat. Anyone who has hunted for a while knows that if you shoot small game (squirrel, grouse, rabbit, etc.) with something like a .308 Winchester or a .223 Remington cartridge, the resulting stew meat will give you a “Hair, teeth and eyeball soup”, with “paw nuggets” as a side dish.

In a previous article, we discussed the merits of the .32ACP adapter for a .308 Winchester chambered long gun. In that article, the firearm in the example was an 11″ barreled DSA FAL OSW. This article will review two different .22 Long Rifle adapter kits for the AR-15 type rifle chambered for 5.56Nato/.223 Remington. We will also test two different loads used in two different barrel length versions of the AR-15.

Adapters Post22

On left is an “RGuns” AR with a 16″, 1-9 twist, free floated M-4 profile barrel. It sports an IOR M2 4X optic. On the right is a SIG M400 with an 11.5″ 1-7 twist barrel. It’s topped with a Millet DMS 1-4X optic.

The first time I ever handled an AR .22 adapter kit was while I was in the military. I was an Armorer ( among other things) and I had five .22 Kits in a locker, of which I had to account for. There was a local indoor range that guys on the shooting team would practice in, and it was a rimfire only facility. The guys that used them told me their reliability was “Iffy” at best.

Fast forward about eight years later and I found a Ciener AR .22 adapter kit at a gun show. They had started selling the neutered 10 round mags (after the 1994 Fed Ban had started), but I wanted to shoot .22’s out of my AR so I snatched it up. I’ve used the Hell out of that kit over the years, and one of the things I can say is that it is similar to using blanks in your AR. You have to lube the Hell out of it to get it to be reliable.

Accuracy out of the Ciener kit with my CAR-15 back then was “Minute of Squirrel” (1-1.5″ groups) at 25 meters, but no further. For what I paid, I saved a ton of money by using .22LR instead of 5.56/.223 ammo. I still have the kit today, and still use it occasionally, but not like I used to. Last year I bought my Son a CMMG AR .22 Adapter kit from Primary Arms. Since I’m doing a series on different cartridge adapters, I borrowed his kit for this review.

In the header picture at the beginning of the post, both kits are pictured. On the left is the Ciener AR .22 Adapter with the ten round mag and the aftermarket “Black Dog Machine” 25 rounder I bought later.  On the right is the CMMG AR .22 Adapter Kit which comes with three 25 round mags. Bottom left inset of the pic shows the 36gr. Federal .22LR hollowpoint bulk pack used along with the 60gr. Aguila SSS (Super Sniper Subsonic) load designed for barrels with at least a 1-9 twist barrel.

Adapters Post14

11.5″ SIG M400 with CMMG bolt and mag inserted.

Adapters Post18

RGuns AR with the Ciener bolt and BDM mag inserted.

I’ve already told you about the performance of my old Ciener kit, so here’s the low down on the CMMG Kit. The accuracy of the CMMG kit was slightly more accurate than the Ciener kit. The pics below show that the average accuracy of both loads were acceptable out of the 11.5″ AR and pretty good out of the 16″ AR. The Aguila SSS loads shot exceptionally well in the 16″ AR, and pulled of a few 1/2 -3/4″ groups at 25 meters. 

Adapters Post07

Left is a group of the Federal 36gr. ammo. I obviously pulled two shots in that group, but on average it shot 1 1/4″ groups with that round. The SSS 60 gr. rounds (on right) averaged 1″ groups.

Adapters Post09

The RGuns AR shooting the 36gr. ammo averaged approximately 1-1 1/4″ groups at 25 meters. The SSS ammo really did well with 1/2- 3/4″ groups on average.  

For the most part, the CMMG kit was reliable in both AR’s and with both loads. The only time I had any failures to cycle (two) was in the 16″ AR with the SSS ammo. Both kits shoot reliably and are great training aids for indoor and/or cheap practice. The Ciener kit has killed plenty of squirrel, a number of rabbits, and a few grouse some years back, and both kits would make good backs up for your regular .22LR small game getter.

In the end, the CMMG kit is the best value for the money out of both kits. It comes with three “M16 profile” mags, has a very high reliability record, and is probably as accurate as you can expect for a kit which fires a .223 diameter bullet through a .224 diameter bore. Although I haven’t used an AR .22 kit with a suppressor, I’d imagine it would be a real game getter, especially with the 60 gr. SSS ammo.

Survival is easier with options. Make sure you make the most out of the tools you have available. Adapters are an easy way to make a firearm pull double duty, whether it’s performing a task more efficiently, or being able to use ammo other than what that firearm was originally designed to shoot.

Next up, Glock .22LR kits.

JC Dodge

"Parata Vivere"-Live Prepared.