About Me


As my Grandfather used to call it, “On the warpath”, the early years.

I’ve identified myself as a Survivalist since about 1982. I’ve always thought being prepared for bad scenarios that could lie ahead, just makes good sense, especially if it could be a life and death situation. I’ve been a hunter and trapper since I was young, and although I’m not a huge fan of fishing, I practiced every chance I got. One of the reasons I joined the military and went into the units and MOS’s (military occupational specialty) that I did, was to learn and become proficient in certain facets of combatives and technical skills to add to my Survivalist skillsets.

After my time in the Service, I started a business dedicated to teaching the Survivalist skillsets I have learned, whether they were through study and practice on my own, or the things I learned and taught in the military. This blog is dedicated to expanding the knowledge base of those who, like me, know there are hard times coming, and are willing to put the effort into preparing for them.

Survivalists aren’t the military, and fortunately for us, we don’t have to follow military protocol when preparing for bad times. Using things gleaned from the military such as organizing your logistics, preparing SOP’s (standard operating procedures) for defending your group and reacting to and emergency, and finding what gear works under harsh conditions just makes sense. Beyond that, we are civilians and should act accordingly. Fortunately, we are not confined to the small box that the military is when we plan for those emergency scenarios.

J.C. Dodge