Is The U.S. Military A Domestic Threat To U.S. Citizens?

While talking to a fellow employee last week, he made the statement, “It’s not like the U.S. Military would attack Civilians.”. My response was, “You obviously don’t know your history.” I proceeded to give him some examples, culminating with what happened at Waco and the “Bonus Army” incident in Washington DC.

One of the people putting out the info, concerning CAG,SMU, Delta (or whatever they’re calling themselves these days LOL) having “Operators” from “B Squadron” on the ground pulling triggers at Waco (In “Waco, Rules of Engagement” / “Waco, A New Revelation”), is a personal, long time Friend of mine. The info on the “Bonus Army” attack is widely available, but hardly ever taught in school in the last 40 years. The Bonus Army attack was led by General Douglas MacArthur with Major George Patton personally leading the Cavalry and Major Dwight Eisenhower as an Aide to MacArthur.

After seeing what has/is becoming of our military now, and the types that they are not only trying to recruit ,but are actually getting in, I have no doubt they will follow an illegal order like firing on Citizens. We’ve been told recruiting is down by 25%, but after speaking with a Buddy, who’s B-in-L is an Active Duty Recruiter, he said it’s actually closer to 50%.

I personally know a guy who just got in that would have never been considered prior to 2 years ago. He is too stupid to pass the ASVAB the first THREE TIMES! He is grossly overweight, and got in while still heavily overweight. Worse yet, I guarantee he would follow any order given, as long as he gets to be on his power trip. The first two issues listed above, were reasons I was never worried about him getting into the military or a Police Department, because they had standards. So much for that safeguard.

I’ve seen several videos where Soldiers (mostly female and one was a female Staff Sergeant and a Drill Instructor) say they have no problem coming to take our guns. I find this ironic, especially when it’s from a female, for two reasons. First, percentage wise, very few females are in the type of units that would probably be used for this task. Those units being the Infantry, Cavalry, and maybe MP’s (Which would have the highest concentration of females of those units). Second, since females have been allowed into the Infantry, I’ve heard from from Friends that, across the board, they are a nightmare in the real world of the Infantry, concerning their performance of Infantry related tasks.

This administration ran out the best that the military (I have several Friends that are in this category) had during Covid and their clot-shot requirement. This was purposeful. The majority of those left are subservient lemmings in need of an “All-Knowing Master”. Those lemmings obviously can’t make good decisions, even for their own welfare, let alone think for themselves. Due to this mindset, they’ve proven that they won’t make a decision that could jeopardize their job. This means they will blindly follow orders, regardless of Ethics, Morality or Legality.

Several days ago, “IraqVeteran8888” did a poll which aptly shows that many feel the way I do, concerning whether the military would fire on American Citizens. The numbers are disturbing, but I think reflect how far we are into a situation which will require us to apply the Martial “Survivalist” skills many have practiced for years. Below I have shown the polls he’s done in the last couple months, and the video he posted yesterday. Look at the number of participants, and the number of the “Shares” that the polls received.

Almost 52,000 votes on the first, most recent, one and just short of 96,000 on the second one shown, from February. That is significant, considering who is watching his channel, and the percentages show their mindset, in regards to the threat they feel they face. Here’s the video.

Prepare accordingly.


The Bushbastard

27 thoughts on “Is The U.S. Military A Domestic Threat To U.S. Citizens?

  1. The earliest federal involvement to exact violence against citizens that I remember reading about was the Whiskey Rebellion. I agree with the majority in the survey. Yes, the military would fire on American civilians if ordered to do so… and might even enjoy it after all the woke indoctrination. But the circumstances you offer could also be applied to most police departments and LE agencies.

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    • The differences between the two are these: The Military isn’t supposed to be used domestically and the military and the Police are set up with different purposes. I think the possibility for the poll question’s mentioned action is higher with an organization geared towards killing people and breaking things than one where many of it’s membership believing they are supposed to protect the public.

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      • Have you seen a SWAT team lately? Even patrol officers are just as likely to be out wearing subdued uniforms and tactical vests. Protecting the public is a myth. They protect the government… and their pensions.

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      • Yes I have, and I was actually on a Team years ago. Did you even read what I wrote? “Many of it’s membership believing they are supposed to protect the public.”. Regardless of what we know the courts have said, many Officers feel they have an obligation to protect the public, in spite of what you think you know about them.

        How many Civilians in regular jobs took the clot-shot to save their pensions. Why don’t you tell your thoughts to the Officers in Nashville or Louisville, who ran to the sound of gunfire, in a school and a bank, to save the people of their community. Go watch that bodycam footage of both incidents. Would or could you even do that? What government/government official were they protecting?

        Go tell your belief of who they are protecting to Officer Nate Wilt who had just graduated from the Police Academy on the 31st of March and only had four shifts under his belt in Louisville PD when he got shot in the head at the bank. I bet you don’t even understand why many PD’s have gone to outer vests with gear mounted there instead of their belts, and it ain’t to look “Tacticool”.


      • Back during the Obama years, patriots still in uniform and in the belly of the beast, so to speak, many of them JSOC members of long-standing – passed intel (at great risk to themselves one might add) to friends, allies and associates on the outside, that one of the litmus test questions then being given to prospective flag/general officers (behind closed doors, mind you) concerned their willingness to fire upon their fellow Americans, should they be ordered to do so.

        It is germane to note that no O-6 gets promoted to flag/general rank without the “advice and consent” of Congress. Meaning that all general/flag officers are inherently political appointees who have/retain their rank and perquisites solely at the discretion of the political apparatus and those who control it. To use the vernacular, they’re creatures of the fetid swamp known as Washington, D.C.

        Those familiar with the long and blood-soaked history of communism know full-well that when a communist regime takes power, it immediately moves to seize control of the enforcement arms of the state, namely the police and the military. This is no less true of the present regime here in the U.S. than it was of those of Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot or any of their other Marxist forbearers.

        These same power dynamics are also the real impetus behind the nearly-frantic efforts by the communists (both here and in places like Beijing) to disarm Americans of those millions of firearms they now possess. Would-be genocidal regimes almost invariably first move to strip the victims-to-be of any tool of self-defense they may possess.


      • There is actually a problem with the question. You lump ‘Americans’ as a single entity. The honest questions to ask are:
        1) Would the US Military fire on traditional patriotic Americans?

        2) Would the US Military fire on leftist ‘Americans’?

        I believe the current answers are:
        1) Yes
        2) No

        Change military to police and the answers change depending on where. Big cities and rural areas will have differing answers.


      • What’s next, “Would the Feds require leftists to get the clot-shot?”. We know the answer to that one too. Quit acting like they give a Damn about that crap in the grand scheme of things. Their end goal is exterminating a large swath of the populace. My question was straight forward, logical and coherent. I guess you didn’t understand it was a general, not microscopically specific one.


      • While you can always point out certain actions of Cops as being “to protect and serve the community, the “Militarization” of police has long ago passed the point of becoming ridiculous. There is absolutely NO justification for Armored Vehicles and Automatic Weapons. None. Don’t try to defend that, you are only defending Tyranny.

        As for the “Good Cops” like officer Nate Wilt, well, were he to have been told that some Blogger (like you) was a “Domestic Terrrist”, he would have been entirely willing to Kick In your Door, Shoot You, your Family, ‘and your little Dog, too’. That is what the “system” trains, orders, and expects them to Do.

        As for the Military, the History of them “Just Following Orders” and Shooting at Citizens is perfectly clear- they will Do So, Every. Single. Time. Fortunately for Us, their Families Live among us, we don’t have to have Plane Fare to travel from Afghanistan to do it.


      • I think they should be able to have armored vehicles and automatic weapons…..just like we should be able to, according to the 2nd Amendment. You might not be aware, but a large amount of cops have seen the writing on the wall, and aren’t playing the “Thug” game anymore. Defund the Police and the “Clot-Shot BS helped with that.
        You don’t know Nate Wilt, so maybe you shouldn’t put actions under his belt that he hasn’t done, especially when the only thing we have to judge him for, on the job and action wise, was heroic. The Military generally can’t partake in Civilian law enforcement, so saying they’ve always applied that to US Citizens is disingenuous at best.


      • It really depends on where you are. I’m in a very rural area and the Chief of Police is part time. There are no tactical vehicles or automatic weapons here. My town doesn’t have a gas station or a bank, but lots of corn and cows. I don’t worry about the cops around here.


    • American civilians – at least the patriotic, moral, red-blooded ones with guns and a healthy knowledge of the law – would fire on American civilians who are mugging them at a stoplight, invading their home, violently rioting or waging political violence. I don’t think all of them would be traumatized by it either.

      So ‘would X fire on American civilians’ doesn’t strike me as a rhetorical killshot. If someone’s casting George Washington and the Founding Fathers as woke evil totalitarians, count me on George Washington’s side.


      • George Washington turned on the American people by imposing the Whiskey Tax. You obviously don’t understand actual history.
        What he did to the people who served under him is EXACTLY the same as what happened to the Bonus Army 130 yrs later. Staff officers who turned traitor on the men who gave their all for them during the war.
        The founding fathers were of all kinds, good men and bad men, read your history and you will see they are all not worthy of your idolatry. But I guess some folks always have to be groupies.


  2. Son just got out of USMC…stated that Recruiter/E-5 buddies are saying like 75% down, and MEPS is really throwing anything that breathes into the mix. These MC recruiters are all in 4 Branch offices and everyone is way down. Sad.


  3. If Patton and McArthur were willing to massacre American men, women and children during the “Bonus Army” incident in Washington DC, Milley’s trans-orcs will not only massacre civilians but will practice necrophilia on the corpses regardless of sex.


  4. JCD,

    IMO your essay is spot on. Very accurate assessment. Well written. Specific points explained. Unfortunately, I have to say your specifics were as though I myself had written your essay.

    Thank you for your thoughts on the US .mil. It is gratifying for me to know there are STILL real American men such as yourself, in this disintegrating nation. Your kind will be needed to rebuild after the forthcoming SHTF activities.


  5. We live in a nation of dumbed down spineless idiots, nothing has changed if you read some actual history books and biographies from 100-200 yrs ago. The authors even then wrote about the idiots they encountered in every day life.
    The lack of actual history and reading skills appears to be getting terribly worse among the populace compared to 60-100 yrs ago when we peaked in American literacy.
    Trying to engage the average American today in any conversation regarding history or gov’t is wasted time, they will ridicule you for actually knowing facts as opposed to their TV-MSM learning.
    And there’s always the usual question; why don’t you do something?
    I was overseas 50 yrs ago (April 73-74) with 1/9 3rdMarDiv, S-2 Scout section, working on plans for the Saigon/Phnom Penh evacs (Operations Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind) and how to cover the LZ’s from NVA MG-RPG attacks. 2yrs later I was a ReconMarine at Ft. Bragg NC, attending Counter Guerrilla Warfare School with 5-7th SFG.
    Trying to discuss our current situation with civilians is moot, they won’t listen and actually think they know better, too much YT and video games. A buddy of mine retired WO3 and was in charge of NBC training for 1stMarDiv, went thru both Gulf Wars and saw combat, the locals here almost booed him out of the room for setting them straight at a prepper meeting last year. These people live in their own fantasy worlds and most of us well trained vets want nothing to do with any of them.
    I said it yrs ago, and stick by it, wait until the dust settles after SHTF and then pick your people from among the survivors. They will be much more eager to learn than they are today, it’s like trying to herd low IQ cats.


  6. Re: “This administration ran out the best that the military (I have several Friends that are in this category) had during Covid and their clot-shot requirement. This was purposeful.”

    Indeed it was. Ever hear of that old economic saying “The bad money drives out the good”? It is also true of people.

    The campaign of imposing “woke” or Cultural Marxist ideology upon the U.S. armed forces is and has been calculated to drive Trad-Americans out of the force, thereby making way for their replacement by more-ideologically compliant and reliable personnel of the kind we are now seeing in the force in increasing numbers.

    The SARS-Co19 event was a ‘beta test’ or trial run if you will, whose purpose was to separate the wheat from the chaff vis-a-vis who will blindly follow orders and authority and who will not. Rumor has it that DHS is already collecting info on the so-called “vaccine hesitant” a.k.a. those who wish not to take the clot-shot and refused it for whatever reason.

    Back in 1999, two senior (full) colonels of the PLAN or People’s Liberation Army-Navy – what the PRC calls their armed forces – published a book entitled “Unrestricted Warfare,”whose subject was how the PRC could defeat a “technologically-superior” foe left unnamed but widely known to be the United States. In that work, the authors noted that in 21st century hybrid warfare, there is no real dividing line between civilians and members of the military, nor between civilian and military targets. They also stated that no method, however unorthodox or illegal under international law, was off the table. Including biological warfare.

    Hypothetically-speaking, what better means than a contagion such as SARS-Co19 to weaken two areas in which the U.S. has historically been at its best, namely its broad and deep healthcare system, and its sophisticated and high-tech armed forces? One could also add our aviation system, whether civilian or military, which is also being attacked in a like manner.


  7. @ Jim

    Re: “Now let’s see a poll on how many civilians are willing to fire on our military? Yeah, that range goes both ways.”

    That’s a worst case scenario, obviously. If you get to that point, the dogs of war have well-and-truly been set loose and things have gone very seriously wrong.

    The cracks in our society, if they widen into larger fissures – and I am speaking of the U.S. specifically – and ultimately give way to some sort of civil conflict, will probably see the military fragment along ideological or partisan political lines. If not into two factions, then possibly multiple ones.

    The news seems to paint a pessimistic view of the woke takeover of the military and government, but it is nearly certain that behind the scenes, there is plenty of dissent and infighting amongst the individuals and organizations concerned. There are still a large number of loyal and patriotic Americans in the government and armed forces, and in law-enforcement as well. At the moment, most of them are remaining silent and keeping their heads down for obvious reasons – but they are there.

    The scuttlebutt I have seen over the years is that the general/flag officer ranks and a lot of the field-grades are compromised, as well as a substantial portion of the senior NCOs. However, the bulk of the enlisted personnel, company-grades and line NCOs remain in the Trad-American camp. My info is a few years out of date, since I lost my info pipeline (a few friends still in the ranks) a few years back, so things may have changed, not sure.

    To be clear, anyone who claims to “want” such a conflict is nuts. Wars are horrible, and none are more-horrible than civil wars and internecine conflicts of that type. Be careful what you wish for, folks, you might just get it!

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  8. I have reached the conclusion that it is as bad a it seems, and will be getting worse.
    Discussing the tyranny expressed during the kungflu… imagine if it were a real pandemic (hint, marburg virus is being queued up)? Would the military drag you out of your home against your will and into quarantine camps? For your own good?

    You bet your sweet bippy.

    They’re not going to line up line a bunch of redcoats and march across the park. They’re going to be used to ‘defend the American people’, so when they shoot resistors dead, its really for the greater good you see, a shame those dissidents couldn’t understand. They were probably homeschooled.

    Make no bones abut it, it is going to go there. Barring some magical sarmat at the next joint meeting of con-gress, we are going to be subjected to the worst tyranny ever seen on this earth. The other side is really playing for all the marbles, we’re probably too late to stop it, rather have to fight back now.


    • And the dumbmasses sit on their asses waiting for their corrupt congresscritters to come save them. Voting and begging our way to freedom. We live among the most ignorant and gullible people ever. The brainwashing was a complete success.


  9. One last comment regarding my previous comments including cops in the mix. No, I didn’t know Officer Nate Wilt or the others you mentioned. I did know several of the 343 firefighters who died in NYC on 9/11. I, myself, was at the Pentagon. I spent over three decades running in when others were running out. I just want to make that point clear. I’m no stranger to emergency response. But I am just as dead whether from a 5.56 fired from some trooper or some cop doing as ordered. We are in the shit, and it keeps getting deeper.


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