Scenario Video: A Survivalist’s Journey In WROL Part 1/C-Night Movement

Knowing how to use night vision equipment and their aiming devices along with coordinating the use of passive Night Vision Goggles with a thermal monocular is an important skill to know and practice. If done correctly, the Survivalist can move, shoot and survive against a force many times larger, that are not NOD (Night Vision Optics) equipped.


The Bushbastard

2 thoughts on “Scenario Video: A Survivalist’s Journey In WROL Part 1/C-Night Movement

  1. Now see, I would have chosen the high ground on the parallel trek.
    I am not a veteran or active duty. I would have used the height to my “advantage” to scan far more area this way. I would never have thought about being “skylined” unless I was on or very near the ridge.
    Showing the fatal flaws that we all use when hunting wild game is a wake-up call! When searching/evading a human, capable of doing the very same thing to us, forces us to re-think our methods!

    Great work! I’ll be watching!


  2. Thank you for the video and commentary. I know bupkis about NVD battery life compared with thermal signature devices. That is a handy bit of knowledge.

    Our locale is extremely dense brush in the rurals. My main concern are the drones and the aerostat ‘ballons’ with PTDS equipment flown in the air, as we have a lot of foot traffic after dark on the southern border. These systems will be used against us.


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