What’s A Gun Ban To A Survivalist?

My can cooler in 1988.

During my lifetime, the first “Gun Ban” I remember was the Maryland 1988 ban on “Saturday Night Specials”, which was followed the next year by a restriction/background check on rifles like the AK-47 by Gov. William “Dickhead” Schaefer.

That same year (1989), the Feds under George H.W. Bush banned the import of many popular firearms, like the HK91 I owned. Several years later, we became subject to Clinton’s, “Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act”, which was basically, a Federal semi-auto firearms and magazine ban, for mags over 10 rounds.

Over the years, we’ve had a number of threats of restrictions, restrictions or even outright bans at the Local, State and/or Federal level. Each time, we have figured out workarounds, paid what the “Grandfathered” pre-ban weapons or accessories cost, or just did without.

This time, as before, the Power Elites know they have to shut the whole process (manufacture, purchase or ownership) down, because their lives, fortunes and “sacred” power are on the chopping block. History has proven that a group of people, not disarmed, are a viable threat to the continued existence of tyrants.

The recent SCOTUS decisions on Firearms law and regulation (“Text, History and Tradition” litmus test), as well as what Regulatory Agencies can and cannot do are a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, they are being ignored by many State Administrations, bent on suppressing the freedoms of the Citizenry.

The only thing more important than power and money (the same to them) to the Power Elites are their lives. Considering all the long term food storage companies that have had their sales directed away from the civilian market in the last two years, I’d say this is a “Tell”, concerning what they think they’ll need to continue their existence.

I don’t buy the, “An asteroid is gonna hit”, causing an “Extinction Level Event”, or the uptick in Congressional hearings on “UFO” sightings, from the last years news. These are obvious distractions, and are meant to draw and hold the attention of the average “Flea-like” attention span American, till the next distraction is manufactured.

The fact that these two entities ( Congress and MSM) are covering this, but have generally left important stories, concerning the Admin’s war on energy, food production/distribution, transportation and the economy, out of mainstream coverage, is another, “Tell’.

Have you lost track yet, concerning the number of “Mass” shootings since “Pudding Pop” has been in charge? Although my empathy for all the victims of these shootings is intact, my patience for those who don’t or won’t see the threat these obviously orchestrated incidents present to our freedoms is not.

Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Navy SquEAL, Rob O’Neill says, “’Shall not be infringed’ should have limits.”. Here’s the thing Robert, that’s not how that sentence would be translated in the 1780’s or even today. Morons like O’Neill and others in the .mil community, think their fame or medal count translates to a level of authority. In reality, it has no bearing on understanding the meaning, intent and the implied intent of the Founding Fathers.

Anyone who has read works by the founding Fathers involved in drafting the Bill of Rights, knows what their mindset, meaning and intent was, even if it hadn’t been spelled out perfectly, as written. The fact that it was written without ambiguity or superfluous verbiage and didn’t include extraneous topics like hunting, speaks to the single thought they had in mind.

If you are a Survivalist, you’ve hopefully already gotten prepared in the defensive equipment category. I know how I felt in the Summer of 1994, right before the Clinton “Assault Weapon Ban” went into effect. You think you’ll never have enough, especially mags and ammo. Mags and firearms became the issue as far as price and availability went, but I was still getting a thousand round case of ammo like S&B 7.62×39 for around $79.99 during the Ban.

My recommendation to most people is this. First, Decide whether you’d turn your firearms and mags in if they make a law which makes them illegal to own, outright. If you will, don’t read the rest of my recommendation, because they don’t apply to your cowardly, recreation-oriented, ass.

Second, Determine if you have what you need to mount an adequate defense of your home and property, and/or function as a guerilla rifleman in a team. If not, acquire the needed firearm or firearms for those tasks. Third, Have at least 500 rounds for each firearm. Preferably, you’ll have at least 500 rounds for each pistol, and 1,000 for every long gun, but 500 should be plenty, especially if you have the ability to reload, and possess the needed components.

Fourth, If your firearms use detachable magazines, determine what your basic carry load will be. Usually, this is two or three extra mags for a handgun, and at least seven total mags for a rifle. After determining the basic load,  you should have at least two basic loads worth of mags. I recommend having three, and if affordable, four basic loads of mags.

Here’s the facts. Those mags, no matter the cost, have to be considered expendable during a fight. If you’ll risk your life or that of a Loved One or Friend to recover a mag, you need to return to my response to the “Gun Turn In” crowd (cowardly, recreation oriented, ass).

Fifth, Get a comprehensive repair kit for all your firearms. Firing pin, extractor, ejector and the related springs, at a minimum. If you can afford it, buy the slide and frame parts kit for your automatic pistols, frame parts kits for revolvers, lower and upper receiver (or receiver) parts kits for semi-automatic and other centerfire and rimfire rifles, and receiver parts kits for your shotguns. Don’t forget the tools and manuals along with DVD’s on repairing those firearms, or the parts will be useless.

And finally, Sixth, Get accessories for your firearms that accentuate the capabilities of the weapon and the user. I have very few long guns that don’t have some type of optic on them. An optic cuts the need to align three items (rear sight, front sight, target), down to two (reticle target). Non-magnified optics increase your first shot speed and accuracy, and magnified optics can increase your speed, accuracy and follow up shot accuracy and speed.

One of the few “Long Guns” I don’t have an optic on is my 5.5″ barreled, .45ACP CMMG Banshee. It has HK diopter iron sights.

Another advantage to having a lot of extra mags, after a ban has started, is as an investment. A new, 13 round, Glock 21 mag from 1993, cost $20, but a used one was selling for $80 in 1997. I have a feeling if they tie up the loose ends on a new “Assault Weapon” ban they want to implement, they won’t allow the legal sale of “Pre-Ban” guns, like they missed in the ’94 ban, so I’d be careful investing in firearms, thinking you’ll make “Bank” off of them in after ban sales.

What’s the difference between after ban sales of banned firearms or banned mags, if both are made illegal for resale after the ban? Right now, the firearm is a serialized, regulated firearm, even before a ban, a magazine is not serialized at this time, and can’t be traced to the original owner. I suggest you determine right now, what you are willing to do when it comes to selling a regulated item illegally, later. I won’t give a recommendation one way or the other.

I will say that one positive thing that came out of the mag capacity ban, was the concentration by the firearms industry on making compact pistols that used mags that held 10 rounds or less. Many popular pistols came out of our Clinton Ban misfortune.

So back to the original question, “What’s a gun ban to a Survivalist?”. Initially, if you’re already a prepared Survivalist, it’s an inconvenience. eventually, depending on the level of severity on the restrictions, it will be a problem on many levels.

The bottom line is this, a ban on any type of firearm is an unconstitutional assault of OUR God given inalienable rights, which are codified in OUR Bill of Rights. What should happen to the tyrants who are pushing this treasonous breach of trust? Anyone who is serious about their Rights, knows the answer to this.


The Bushbastard

11 thoughts on “What’s A Gun Ban To A Survivalist?

  1. JC,
    I would like to add that the definition of militia in the Second Amendment is described under 10 USC 311:

    Militia: composition and classes.
    (a) The militia of the United States consists of all
    able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, ex-
    cept as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45
    years of age who are, or who have made a declara-
    tion of intention to become, citizens of the United
    States and of female citizens,of the United States
    who are commissioned officers of the National Guard.

    Click to access uscode1958-002010013.pdf

    Sorry for the long post.


    • It doesn’t matter if the Constitutionally mandated commander in chief is a communist
      governor like some States have. Would you take orders from Gavin Newsom? I’ll do what is morally and ethically right, regardless of what is legal at the time. Legality is all about who’s a better manipulator of the people.

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      • We agree, entirely. I’m accountable to Almighty God, morally and ethically and not someone voted in by people who don’t know their head from a hole in the ground. I passed along 10 USC 311 simply because there are many who will argue about what the militia is.


  2. “they” have no problem violating the constitution, i no problem violating their unlawful edicts. make me out to be an outlaw, i act like an outlaw. and i always strive to be the best at what i do. ….yes the mags are the way to go if you’re investing, much higher profit margin and much easier to hide and as you say, untraceable. instead of spare parts i went with spare guns. if a ban comes, well when, some will get buried, some distributed, and some used. like any good cop, have several throw-downs. happy hunting.


  3. Who in their right mind has not been purchasing their firearms through private partys. Buying from licensed dealers is the same as registration. Also, less than 1,000 rnds. per personal handgun and 3,000 for your personal long-gun is still cutting it close in my estimation. I believe the military estimated 1,200 rnds per kill in a war situation. Bury /cashe guns and ammo now. I have a few guns but only one handgun and one rifle I call personal. These are what I train with and EDC.


    • Buying through a private party doesn’t matter in the end. They will come for what you have, because they know from various sources what you’ve purchased for it. If you’re not ready to step up when they start the confiscations, what was the point of having them? If you say, “I don’t have to worry about it cuz, Not Registered.” When would you actually use those unregistered guns to preserve that freedom, when all the “Registered Ones” have been confiscated?

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  4. I don’t remember which SC Justice said it, but “A Law Repugnant to the Constitution is No Law at All, and need not be Obeyed.”
    “Shall Not be Infringed” doesn’t get any clearer than That….

    I believe that it really is going to come down to an effort to ‘force’ people to turn in Guns in order to Drive or have ‘money’- look at what Canuckistan did to people involved in the Trucker’s Protest – Freeze or Steal ‘bank accounts’. The scamdemic play of “Wear a Mask, take the Vaxx” was actually quite successful in showing the commies how many Sheeple would ‘go along to get along’ with openly Fascist, non-Constitutional ‘public health directives’.


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