Know Your Enemy: The MI-8 “Hip”

As said in the post about the MI-24 Hind post, the military helo is one of the biggest threats to lightly armed, highly mobile, fighters. The MI-8 “Hip” has been around for a very long time, and is still running strong, and in multiple roles. I first remember seeing one in an article about Rhodesia, in Soldier of Fortune back in the late 70’s. The MI-8, along with the MI-24 are two of the Russian’s primary helos that have been tried and proven for decades. As said in a prior post, knowing their silhouette and capabilities are a good idea for anyone who thinks they might go up against the military of the Russians, or anyone the Russians supply with arms and supplies.

Thankfully, the text is shown at the bottom of the screen. The narrator’s accent is…..difficult, to say the least.

The Bushbastard

5 thoughts on “Know Your Enemy: The MI-8 “Hip”

    • Post a “Know Your Enemy” article about US equipment, are you serious right now? Yeah, I’m gonna put myself on “That” list LOL. It is far easier to find out about US equipment and its vulnerabilities, from people that have used it,here in the US, do your own research. Anyone that would post that stuff is either a Fed, or a moron, and I’m neither.


      • If you aren’t already on “that” list you need to rethink your life 😉

        At least it would be useful, unlike info about a helicopter that will never be attacking anyone or anything I care about.


      • “If you aren’t already on “that” list you need to rethink your life 😉”

        OK, the list I’m specifically talking about is the one where you put out info that overseas entities (this blog has readers from 12 or more countries on any given day) could use to destroy US vehicle, due some insider info. I won’t put that out, just like I won’t teach people I don’t know on a blog, how to build an EFP (look it up). You guys sound like the “Paytriots” (Read that as Tactical Benefits Transfer/TBT types) that try to shame (nickel and dime) those of us that have been teaching SUT to Civilians. They say we should teach the things we learned/earned through our own blood, sweat and tears, for free. If we don’t, we are not Patriots and/or freedom loving Americans. The things posted on this blog stop with me, and I’m not foolish enough to make certain info known to foreign actors, let alone people that not only want everything for free, but have no problem running their collective keyboard pie holes about things they know nothing about. As to the lists I’m on, God only knows, but I bet it’s more than you. Unlike you, I don’t waste my time surfing the blogs and forums, looking for a fight. I’ve actually helped people in meat space, by teaching them how to fight bad guys, whether it’s one man or a platoon.

        “At least it would be useful, unlike info about a helicopter that will never be attacking anyone or anything I care about.”

        As I’ve already said numerous times in this series, none of you have a Damned crystal ball. If you can guarantee me that the equipment made by the Russians or the Chinese won’t be used here, then I wouldn’t bother with it. Since you can’t, maybe you should refrain from commenting. As hard as I know it would be to not give your academic “Wisdom” and “Guidance” to the “Tactical Illiterate”, you would be better off, and they definitely would.


  1. Excellent Backhand to that Troll!

    I’ll put in my 2c. as a Jet and Turbine Helicopter Mechanic with 40+Years’ Experience- Helicopters are a LOT more vulnerable to Ground Fire than Airplanes. Even a good “Armored” Attack Helo like the Hind or Kamov ‘Gator has Control Linkages that are easily Damaged by Rifle Bullets- yes, it’s a ‘Lucky Shot, but if they are close (like at their LZ) go ahead and take the Shot if the Tactical Situation permits (or Demands). All Other Helicopters, Commercial or Military, are of extremely Lightweight Construction- the Skin is seldom thicker than 1/4-inch Aluminum, Side Windows are usually 1/8-inch Plexiglass. At any Range that a 5.56 or 7.62 Round can Get There, it is likely to do Damage and cause Casualties.

    Use of higher-powered Lasers, 10- or 20-Watt Industrial types, create a real Hazard of Blinding personnel and Destroying (expensive) Sensors. Many vids on how to ‘set up’ these Devices are on the Internet, as well as Sources for the components. Power Supplies for these systems are small and light enough to be Backpack Carried. At Night, a Spotlight with an Arc-type Bulb (HID type) will cause sudden loss of Night Vision (that may take some Time to recover) with even a brief “Shine” of the Helo. Use of these devices in an Ambush on a LZ can be very effective, if a startled Pilot swerves into any obstacle.

    Finally, the Helicopter Gunship (and all the rest) needs a Base, Fuel, and Personnel, all of which can be interdicted just like any other OPFOR assets. The first place to Recon is your ‘local’ or General Aviation Airport; chances are the OPFOR already has both Helicopter and Fixed-Wing assets in place. GA Airports have little in the way of Perimeter Security, and Fuel Storage Tanks and Trucks are not hard to access. Most .gov Aviation Assets are Maintained and Repaired by contractors and commercial shops at these Airports; they are also ‘Enemy Targets’.


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