Sparks: Fixed Position Commo

Re-Post from MDT

Sparks and I had this conversation in my home last March, and per his recommendation, the TA 312 was what we went with. Good stuff from a good, solid, and knowledgeable trainer.


Best Communications For Fixed Positions

In light of recent events, I was thinking about the best communications solution for a fixed position, such as a homestead.  My first choice would be these:


This is a US military-issue TA-312 field phone.  It uses two “D” cells that last forever.  You could also get these:


This is a US TA-1 Sound-Powered Field Phone.  Less range, but no batteries needed.

Both of these items are available online from various surplus dealers.  Fair Radio has TA-312s for $200 each, and they are considered one of the more expensive dealers.  I bought a couple Czech field phones at an army/navy store a couple years back and paid $40 each for them. The US and European field phones (the old analog ones) will all talk with and signal each other.

For short-range, on-site, radio comms that will keep the average hobbyist from intercepting your signal, go with Motorola DTR series handhelds.


$230 each on Amazon.  They use old-school Nextel accessories and have all the neat surveillance-type earbud microphones available for them.  Very simple to use. Easier than a Baofeng.  They run digital frequency hopping on 902-928 MHz. and hide among all the SCADAs and other spread spectrum stuff there very well.  Maximum range is an honest 2 miles.  Unless you’re in the Berkshires where they get about a quarter mile.  Perfect radio for the homstead.  Motorola puts the indoor range at 350,000 square feet, or a little more than 8 acres.  Outdoors in the open they go much farther. Milspec-810 rugged.  19 hours on a single battery charge, 12v DC adapters available.

Finally, they operate on a license-free band, so no ham ticket is needed.

If you needed to discretely communicate around your farm or homestead with a little more security than ham radio, MURS, FRS, or GMRS, these items would be my recommendation.




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