Preparedness, Ethics, And Morality

Re-Post from MDT

A friend and I were talking the other night about different scenarios that need to be prepped for. During the conversation, I told him about another conversation that involved a guy questioning me on why we should prepare. The individual that asked the question of me is your typical “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” party animal. He has a Daughter.and has a hard enough time paying his bills on time, because he spends money on whatever makes him fell good in the moment, whether it’s alcohol, a jet ski, or a weekend at the beach.

Food post1

This guy was trying to convince me that there is no point in spending money on something that “Isn’t gonna happen.” and that I was better off enjoying it for the moment than planning ahead. He asked me the question “Why should I plan for what you’re talking about? You can’t guarantee that it’ll happen, right?” My response went like this,

Me: What kind of insurance coverage do you have on your car?

Him: Full coverage.

Me: Is that because you have to or because you choose to?

Him: Because I choose to. I’ve had a few wrecks, and one was my fault, and I don’t want to be back at ‘square one’ if I have another one that is my fault. I can’t afford that.

Me: Exactly, you are planning ahead for what might happen. You aren’t planning on causing another accident, are you?

Him: Of course not.

Me: But yet you get the more expensive insurance. You know why it’s even more important to prepare for societal collapse?

Him: Why?

Me: Because if SHTF occurs, being prepared allows me to make and apply more ethical and moral decisions than what I might be capable of if I was not prepared. Not so much moral decisions, but definitely ethical ones.

Him: Like what?

Me: You have a Daughter, right?

Him: Yes.

Me: Is there anything you would not do for her if it meant her survival?

Him: No!

Me: That’s my point. If she was starving, you’d steal, and maybe kill someone to feed her and keep her from dying, correct?

Him: Well I’d like to think I wouldn’t do that.

Me: Fantasy does not replace hard reality when the reaper is in your face, especially when it’s a loved one. Of course you’d “Like to think….”, but the reality is you would probably do it because it’s for someone you’d do ANYTHING for, right?

Him: Yes.

Me: In this case, if you put back a year’s worth of canned goods (took the money and spent it on something that achieved the most bang for the buck, food wise), and were able to supplement that with wild game (you took the time to learn how to hunt or trap), or something you traded for food like an “Old school” skill you took the time to learn like blacksmithing (took the time to learn and practice it), you probably would not be in the situation that you would be in otherwise (child starving and you have no means [skill or provisions] to feed her other than to steal or kill).

Him: I probably wouldn’t kill for food.

Me: So if the guy you tried to steal from caught you and you knew the only way you’d be able to feed your Daughter is to kill him and get out of there, you wouldn’t do it?

Him: Well, in that case, I guess I’d have no choice.

Me: Sure you would! You have the choice of not being in the situation to begin with by having prepared ahead of time to be able to feed your loved ones.

Needless to say, it was like a light bulb clicked on in his head, and from what I hear, he has decided that all of  of his “expendable” income now goes for preparedness items. He actually cut back on the drinking because he said it was too expensive, and he didn’t want to be in a position to “Need it” when the SHTF.

The bottom line is this. Having a Survivalist mindset and living the Survivalist lifestyle will give you more options when making ethical and moral decisions “WHEN” the collapse happens (just like the mindset for a physical confrontation, your “collapse” mindset needs to be “When” not “If” because mentally, you take it more seriously. It’s not because we have a crystal ball). If you do not believe a collapse can happen, you are delusional and haven’t read about Argentina, the former Yugoslavia, and a host of other small time (big to them) collapses that killed thousands. Just look at what’s going on in Venezuela if you want to see the beginnings of a societal collapse.

After explaining that conversation to my friend, he asked me to post this, since he thought it was something that needs to be reiterated in this community. Give yourself more options because your family, friends, and others who have prepared deserve it. NOW GO TRAIN!




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