Re-Post from MDT

Good advice from a friend.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Soldiers feet showing his blisters-848931
QuietMan sends:

One way to look at the boot problem, circa 2008.

This prompted a little journey down memory lane….

In the 80’s, the Ranger Battalions came up with something similar, and more readily available.

Regular old GI speed lace boots.
Wool or poly undersock.
The old tan ski sock.
Gore Tex socks.
The old Gore Tex gaiter.
Arrid XX spray deodorant.
Pedi Dry foot powder.

Fitting: Gather under socks and tan ski socks. Go for a road march. Pick your boots in the afternoon so your feet will have swollen about all they’re going to.

Put on the socks. Try on boots until you find a pair that fits:

– With about 1/2 inch to spare in the toe.
– And laces up snugly with about an inch between the eyelets.

If you wear an insert, please don’t forget them. My feet are shaped such that I have…


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